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KLAMAN & CO Featured on FOX 5 San Diego

On Tuesday, May 21st, KLAMAN & CO founder Johanne was invited to appear on FOX 5 San Diego to share exciting details about the upcoming Klaman Africa Day Celebration. This television feature provided a fantastic opportunity to introduce KLAMAN & CO to a wider audience and highlight the company's mission to bridge cultures and promote African heritage in California.

During the segment, Johanne and the presenter explored the exquisite Klaman Collections, showcasing a variety of clothing and artwork that reflect the rich cultural diversity of Africa. Viewers were given a glimpse into the vibrant world of KLAMAN & CO, where each piece tells a story and represents the beauty of African craftsmanship.

Johanne also introduced the talented performers set to grace the stage at the Klaman Africa Day Celebration on May 25th. The lineup includes Ballet Djelia Kadi from West Africa, known for their high-energy traditional performances, and Shani, a mesmerizing belly dancer from Tunisia. Their electrifying performances promise to make the celebration an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

During the broadcast, Johanne emphasized the limited availability of tickets and spots for the event, encouraging viewers to secure their attendance as soon as possible. This feature on FOX 5 San Diego was a significant milestone for KLAMAN & CO, allowing the company to further its mission as an ambassador of African culture in California.

For more information about KLAMAN & CO and to purchase tickets for the Africa Day Celebration, please visit

Don't miss out on this extraordinary celebration of African culture and heritage!



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