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Celebrating Unity at Klaman Africa Day: A Joyous Tribute to African Heritage

Updated: May 31

On Saturday, May 25th, KLAMAN & CO proudly hosted the Klaman Africa Day Celebration, marking the International Day of Africa. This special day commemorates the unity of African countries and people of African descent. As part of KLAMAN & CO's mission to be the home of Africa in California, this event was a perfect opportunity to introduce our new vision and invite everyone to celebrate.

The event was brimming with entertainment and education, featuring proverbs and stories that enriched the experience. Guests savored delectable African cuisine provided by renowned caterer Flavors of East Africa. Spectacular performances by Dramane Koné and Ballet Djelia Kady, Shani Brown Belly Dancer, Afrofusion Artist Dan Kuso, and DJ François set the perfect vibe for the day.

Additionally, the event highlighted Klaman Collections and our vendor Huruma Clothing, offering attendees the chance to discover and shop unique items. The atmosphere was filled with joy, appreciation, and respect, as people connected and learned more about African values rooted in culture, family, and savoir-vivre.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our partners for their invaluable support in making this event a success. To all attendees, thank you for coming and embracing this journey with us. Together, we are building bridges of collaboration through culture. We eagerly look forward to our next event and continuing this vibrant celebration of African heritage.

Watch our testimonial recap video for Africa Day and relive the unforgettable moments!

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